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jaejoong is beyond words..
Posted on 2008.02.13 at 02:12
Current Mood: angry
Current Music: none in school ~D:
Gotta new computer.


..though it wont make any difference- I'm not going to post anyway :D
And I'm sick of making B-day posts- I hate to make pooosts D: so I just will say "Happy belated birzday Kyo and Kaoru"! I hope u're partiyng great.....in america <<

ruki&#39;s close up is love &lt;3


Posted on 2008.01.30 at 21:20
Current Mood: nervous
Current Music: school so nooo music -.-

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Ruki turned pretty 26!
Stay as u are darlo <3~ embrace us with ur warm voice and ur amazingly personality even more!(oh yes we DID met before xD') I luv how u are so socialy correct 8D
not to forget...ur abnormal HANDSOMNESS-uh geez~

oh gosh its so hard to explain what I want to say in english D:


Nariiiii &lt;3

OUCH!It broke!!! ((o(T0T)o))

Posted on 2008.01.23 at 22:28
Current Mood: annoyed
Current Music: in school..noooone -.-
Okey guys!
*not used to write posts anymore* lol
actually I had no other choice to write a post coz I CANT USE MY COMPUTER ANYMORE!!!And I wanted to let u know why I cant comment on ur posts anymore or for a few weeks coz My pc broke in two pieces >< It was an accident, dont ask how this actually can happen oO' I donnu when I'll get another one so for now I can only skip through  the communitys coz I can only go on comp if I'm in school and we're allowed to go in i-net only during break ~.~
will take me some time though to write on the 1. february a post ^-^  ya'll know whats coming don't'u  ^,~
'till then,
JA NE~ ;0;

Ryo-chan is pure love *____*

Happy B-day RYO-CHAAAAAAN!! ((~( ^ ° ^ )~))

Posted on 2007.11.03 at 14:17
Current Mood: happy
Current Music: Kanjani8- Yorimichi


This pic looks like a piece of crap << Photoshop wouldnt work for me and berry-chan tried her best to help me out but this damn thing just wouldn't work! I hate photoshop why does it delete all the functions I need?! It just deletes it on its own and I'm so sick of it DD: BUT!
Tody is still a wonderful day for ma ryobabe ((~(^,^)~))
I just wish u the best in ur life and ur future-
ILUSM. There's nothing to add more.

*, gangsta kai *


Posted on 2007.10.28 at 17:18
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: the Gazette- Burial applicant

Happy Birthday KAIIIIIII :DDD

YOOOOOOOOSH!Kai turned 26!

Honey ur the cutest drummer ever and I hope that u will always have the chance to smile and laugh so we can all get to see ur so so SO cute smile <333~ never forget to laugh! I wish u the best and may all ur wishes come true ((<(*0*)>))
Luv ya!

yappari....my blog became a birthday post blog xD'''.....


Nariiiii &lt;3


Posted on 2007.09.15 at 14:56
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Kanjani8- Great Escape
OH NOOOOOO!Im so in hurry but I had to make this post!How COULD I?!How could I just forgot NARIS BIRTHDAY!!!He also had his birthday on the  14th of sept together with myv!!! >o< But I swear I knew that he had his birthday the same day with miyavi- I just...was so into miyavis birthday that day that I totally forgot ma nari T,T so here it comes ~

Happy belated Birthday NARIIIIII :DDD

YEAAAAHH!Nari turned 25!
I'm so sorry that I forgot ur birtzhday but I anyways luv ya so so much nariii u should know that<3
Ur one of the BEST ACTORS in the world babez!!! ((~(*~*)~))

lol I rly should turn this journal into a birthday journal <<'

Ryo-chan is pure love *____*


Posted on 2007.09.13 at 18:26
Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Miyavi- Ame ni utaeba
Yay! Guess whose Birthday is today?

Happy Birthday MIYAVI :DDD

YEAHYAH! Miyavi turned 26!
ahhh he's still such a young booooy, still in the twenties yo!

I love u myv no matter what, u should know that I still adore u and I love ur music, even if I said some months ago that I'm not so into him anymore- but I AM ur Fan and I will REMAIN ur fan coz- hell I LOVE U - AND UR STYLE - AND UR MUSIC!!!!!!!
...oh and ya, I'm going to ur next concert here in germany is this clear? :D

jaejoong is beyond words..


Posted on 2007.09.01 at 17:25
Current Mood: lazy
Current Music: Nishikido Ryo - Potential
*don't has to go to school*
*feels incredibly good*
*is rly lazy somehow*
and its rly boring << thats why I'm writing  somewhat of a shitty entry now lol wateva :3
I'm going to watch  Hanakimi tonight wiz[info]snowberry_chan ne ne ne? x3 aren't we x33~ Its going to be fun!
Ah and yes! Berry-chan told me somthing :D guess what? 8D
Its real! Plastic Tree are coming this year AGAIN! I was just huh? Weren't they here already in july? But now they're coming to berlin this november and I'm a bit confused coz I wanted to go to the gazette concert on october this year too! Now I know this will cost too much if I would go to both of them -_- I'm SO confused right now T°T

Ahhh ryo help me ~.~ just take me with u to japan whereeva u want to coz then I dont have to go to school either << Shit school. I'm not that moved of this media school lol Its boring and our first project simply SUXX lolololololol I expected to much I guess T^T though it was told that we're going to shoot lil "movies" in the next weeks- I'm curious if it will be interesting and not so boring like that damn project thingy e.e......ryo?  could u PLZ come over here and BEAT that damn teachers up who came up with this #$tghjf&  project?!It would make me feel a lot better! A LOT!

Other than that beaboszi told me how fun the last ctKT ep was and I've to watch watch watch *,* At that point I realizied that I'm rly behind in all this Kattun stuff right now becoz of Kanjani8 and Ryo I'm downloading and downloading so much recently that my comp is about to crack someday ((o(>0<)o)) But what should I do? I can't help it, those guys always make me smile again <3

...To heal my soul at the end of this postCollapse )

Ryo-chan is pure love *____*


Posted on 2007.08.23 at 16:34
Current Mood: irritated
Current Music: Kanjani8- Oh!Enka
School started today and it was...weired? New classes are formed now- don't ask...<<
Now tell me...Collapse )

Ryo-chan is pure love *____*

(>=.=)> <(°-°)> <(^.^<)

Posted on 2007.08.18 at 18:04
Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: Ryo&Jin- Ai no Katamari

I hate u LJ!  Why isn't this damn thing letting me check my friendsite?! ((o(>0<)o))
Anyways..Next week school will start again. The good thing about  is, that I won't go to my old school and the bad thing about it is, that school will remain school with homeworks and blah~ 
But I hope the next years will be more relaxing, coz I'll be joining a media school where u shoot lil movies and learn how to cut filmscenes together- just the whole media stuff, I really hope it will be fun ^,^....as long  u can put "fun" and "school" in the same sentence... <<
[Topic change]
Last night was awesome!I watched the whole night K8 and Ryo stuff with a friend!!And when I say the whole night I mean the whooole night ^,~ I swear I laughed so hard,these guys are SO fun XD~ we had lotsa candy, coke and stuff so we were awake, though I've to say that my eyes are burning like hell right now >< Ryo is so my hero o.O He is awesome. I was stunned when he performed Ai igai no nandemo nai *____* I can't get enough of his code performances either *___* And the extra of the News backstage dvd where ryo appears very often and feeds the other member <3
Other than that, there was a rumour that ryo will be leaving NEWS and will just stay in K8- many  fans got hurt about it, but personally, I dont really like NEWS- the music atleast, the guys theirself are really funny and chilling but I like K8 much much more!I adore their music and the guys anyways- (and I think Ryo fits into K8 better anyways e.e) But I really hope ryo will leave one of the groups, after all he is the one who has to work in two groups and maybe feels more exhausted and has hard work to do- No, I dont have something against him beeing in News and K8 at the same time but it would be just better for him óÒ  

Ah, before I forget!I watched another Korean movie which is somewhat of a pre strory(does this word actually exist? oO') from "100 days with mr.arrogant", not taht funny like that one but its fun to watch too ^^ wuah, I'm so hungry x_X I'm off to find something salty-nothing sweet!I can't see and eat it right now, I've had enough the last night- else I'll wake up tomorrow realizing that I've got the size of a fat humongest cow << 

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